Belle victoire pour les lévriers de course en Floride hier

Reçu de nos amis de GREY2K USA ce matin :

Hier, 10 Juillet, une législation de protection des greyhounds (GREYHOUND PROTECTION ACT) du conté de SEMINOLE, en Floride, a été voté par 4 contre 1 Commissionnaires du conté. Désormais les greyhounds sont protégés. Le monde des courses devra établir un rapport sur les lévriers blessés, établir une licence pour chacun de ces animaux. Ce monde en général très obscur est désormais sommé de faire la lumière sur ce que deviennent les lévriers de course à leur retraite. Les chenils des éleveurs, producteurs, détenteurs seront désormais inspectés. Un grand pas en avant, quand on sait que ce sont des dizaines de milliers de lévriers sacrifiés à l’appât du gain !

Un beau travail de plusieurs organisations ayant oeuvré ensemble !



The dogs won big in Florida
Dear Friends,

Yesterday afternoon, Florida history was made. The Greyhound Protection Act was passed by a vote of 4-1 by the Seminole County Board of Commissioners!

Seminole County will now be the first in Florida to give greyhounds the same protections as other dogs. That’s right, racing greyhounds will now be individually licensed and their kennels will be inspected by local animal officers for the first time!

What’s more, kennel operators at the Sanford Orlando dog track will be required to provide injury reports to the public. They will also need to disclose the final fates of dogs once they stop racing. When injury and “disposition” reports have been introduced in other states, the number of greyhounds adopted (instead of killed) has more than doubled!

Read the big news here.
Finally, we offer our greatest thanks to Commissioners Bob Dallari, Lee Constantine and Brenda Carey, each of whom spoke enthusiastically for the measure, to Commissioner Carlton Henley who waited three hours to cast his “Yes!” vote and to Chair John Horan who allowed the vote to be scheduled. Please contact each with your kind words.

The Committee to Protect Greyhounds will continue to bring measures like this one to other counties in Florida. Stay tuned for ways to help!

Remember, all options are now on the table and no road will be left untraveled for the greyhounds! GREY2K USA Worldwide has been working with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on an official rule to require injury reporting at dog tracks statewide. If we are successful and our language is approved by the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, the lives of thousands of greyhounds may be saved. Read our fact sheet and then please make a donation to help us save lives!

Kathy Pelton Kathy Pelton Signature
Kathy Pelton
Florida Director
GREY2K USA Worldwide

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GREY2K USA Worldwide is a non-profit 501(c)4 advocacy organization located at 7 Central Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02476. 100% of donations support our mission to end dog racing. We are grateful for personal and corporate contributions. Because GREY2K USA lobbies for greyhound legislation, contributions are not tax deductible.

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In Seminole County, citizens have joined together in a grassroots campaign to protect greyhounds. The Greyhound Protection Act will:

  • Ensure that greyhound injuries at Sanford Orlando Kennel Club are reported to the public.
  • Require greyhound trainers to provide information on the fate of greyhounds that leave the track.
  • Eliminate a special interest loophole that exempts racing greyhounds from County animal licensing and inspection laws.

Citizens have a right to know how many dogs are suffering injuries at local greyhound tracks, and this law will increase transparency.

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